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Frog Cake Art Toy - Large set


Frog Cake Art Toy - Large Set

The large set includes stickers, pin and zine.

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A large version of the Frog Cake at roughly 75mm in height.

An art toy collaboration between Balfours Bakery and Hints and Spices
Designed by Shane Haddy.
Sofubi made in Japan

WARNING: Not a child's toy - Not for ages 7 and under. Adult collectible intended for display only.


Full size – 75mm tall
Made in Japan
Slush moulded vinyl / Sofubi
Two Part


The frog cake is a sponge cake topped with a creamy filling, encased in fondant and decorated with eyes and mouth to resemble a frog. Made by Balfours Bakery since 1922, the frog cake has become a South Australian icon loved and consumed by all.

Designed by Shane Haddy, artistically blending realism with personality. The frog cake art toy is a South Australian icon that can be shared with the world.


What is sofubi?

‘Sofubi’ is a Japanese coined term for ‘soft vinyl’, a type of manufacturable plastic. What mainly separates sofubi as a medium is the skilled use of slush moulding techniques. An early plastics manufacturing method that is no longer in use for mass production. As this method requires a very hands-on, skilled approach, it is considered work of an artisan, akin to handmade pottery or blown glass production.